Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fresh Cherry Bread

Fresh Cherry Bread

It’s so sad to think that I’ve neglected this little space of mine for well over a month. But, I can certainly explain my absence. You see…I have been preparing to embark on a journey to Mexico that will last for nine months. I received a Fulbright GarcĂ­a-Robles scholarship for the 2009-2010 year to teach English at a Mexican university. I am insanely excited, but between working and getting everything in order before I go, I really haven’t had any time to bake:(

Pitted Cherries

However, just the other day I found a spare moment to bake this beautiful fresh cherry bread for you. I love black cherries, and it always seems that their season is too short. I guess that’s what makes them so delicious.

Pitted, Sliced Cherries

This bread is moist and buttery with the slightest hint of almond flavoring. The cherries don’t dominate the bread, but rather add a nice burst of flavor throughout.

Fresh Cherry Bread

Before cherry season comes to a close, go out and get some sweet, juicy Bing cherries and bake a loaf of this scrumptious cherry bread. It won’t disappoint.