Friday, June 12, 2009

About Hugs and Besos

Hi, I’m Nicole! Welcome to Hugs & Besos! About From the pictures, you can probably tell that the kitchen has been my hangout spot since I was little. I’m Greek, so I guess the whole love of food thing is in my blood. About One of the first things that I remember baking was Christmas cookies. My mom would always let me fill the pecan tassies with the brown sugar mixture. I think I ate more than I filled :-) About I also recall making homemade pizza. My dad used to give my brothers and me extra dough to push out on the counter and top with sauce and cheese. Yum! About My mom was (and is) great because she let me use the kitchen as long as I cleaned up after myself—pretty sweet tradeoff in my opinion. About I frequently asked for baking items for my birthday and Christmas—a rolling pin, a candy thermometer, some mini bundt pans, a dough scraper, and cookbooks galore! A big thanks to my family for putting up with these quirky requests. About CONFESSION: In college, I would often escape to the library, to read cookbooks. Kind of crazy, I know…but definitely worth it. About I am really a Spanish teacher by day and a baker by night, weekend, and summer. I just finished my first year of teaching after coming back from an ETA Fulbright in Mexico. Very exciting! About For me baking is my way to say, “Thanks! You’re the Best! and I love you!” Thus, my blog is called Hugs & Besos (besos means kisses in Spanish). I hope you enjoy all of the baked treats here. Don’t be shy. I would love to hear from you! XOXOXO, Nicole

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